Sherri The View

Sherri Featured in New York Magazine

A Sherri Shepherd hug is an event. She pulls you into her pillowy décolletage, squeezing exuberantly and for a few seconds longer than a good friend might. Make no mistake: She’s very, very pleased to see you. “I love hugging the guests, and I love touching people in the audience. I could not exist without being that kind of person,” says Shepherd, co-host of ABC’s The View and now the star of Sherri, her own Lifetime sitcom, in which she essentially plays herself. At a taping for the show, the audience is filled with middle-aged women, all of them calling and responding with near religious zeal. During a scene in which Shepherd’s alter ego visits a doctor’s office, the crowd simultaneously oooohs when Sherri kisses her doctor beau, then screams, “Oh no!” when her ex (played by Malcolm-Jamal Warner) and his pregnant mistress walk in the door. After the director yells “Cut,” Shepherd flashes her bright smile and waves happily to her fans. “Sherri! Sherri!” the crowd chants.

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